System and Control Engineering

1.Application of MATLAB in Control Engineering

2.Modelling and Simulink in MATLAB

3.Designing PID controller using intelligent algorithms in MATLAB

4.Data sampling and reconstruction in digital control systems using MATLAB

5. Evaluation of step input response in identifying industrial processes using MATLAB

6.Designing and regulation of PID Controller’s coefficients using Fuzzy Logic in MATLAB

7.Designing robust control H∞ / H2 using Genetic Algorithm and PSO(Particle Swarm Optimization) Algorithm in MATLAB

8.Designing Model Predictive Control (MPC) in MATLAB

9.A solution for Economic Dispatching considering Generator Operational constraints using Nested PSO Algorithm in MATLAB

10.Designing Optimized state feedback for non-linear Systems using continuous Genetic Algorithm and PSO Algorithm

11.Designing Model Reference Adaptive Systems in MATLAB

12.Designing Adaptive Self-Regulation Controller in MATLAB

13.Designing Adaptive PID Controller in MATLAB

14. Designing Linear Control Systems in MATLAB

15.Designing Internal Model Controller(IMC) in MATLAB