“Armin has worked as a research electronic engineer in R&D department of different industrial companies for more than ten years and he is holder of Master degree in Control Engineering.

His strong passion to teach different university courses and lectures together with engineering works, devoted himself as an enthusiastic instructor to teach and also learn from interested people who wants to improve knowledge and technology for future.

He is so interested in different science and engineering research works like Electronics, Mechatronics, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence(AI), Industrial Automation, Intelligent Building Automation, Image Processing, Genetic Algorithm, Pattern Recognition, Artificial Neural Network, Android App, Fuzzy logic.

He also published several papers in field of Artificial Intelligence(AI) and BioSignal Processing in international journals and conference papers.”


 Bewerbungsfoto Quadratisch
“With a strong R&D background in the field of music technology, audio algorithm and interface design Amir is an expert on Digital Audio Signal Processing. Leading a research lab and teaching DSP and music interface design at TU Berlin and University of Applied Science Berlin fostered his passion for teaching and left him a dedicated and inspiring instructor.”